"Price is right (no pun intended)-on."


I'm a product of above-average Mid-Western public schooling and upper-middle-class means who sought out to find a life less ordinary.

The first movie I ever memorized was White Christmas; the first stage production I ever saw was Up With People; oddly, musicals--not so much my bag.

In high school, theatre was more of a clique than a craft, and I already had a clique, so I wasn't interested. I reveled in the lure of entertainment, but I couldn't see a pathway. It wasn't until my freshman year at The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh that I began to see the spark of the stage; the training of the theatre and the ether of the screen began to show relation. I transferred, then once more. San Francisco State served as my theatre bootcamp, but I credit the faculty of UNC Chapel Hill for my real "bread and butter" training--it was here that I began to unearth my heartbeat as an actor.

New York City is now my home, and maybe the only place that's ever truly felt that way. I've found serenity here--a village-like solace within the melange of chaos.

What draws me to a piece could be a number of things, what keeps me away is a detection of bullshit.

It's worth mentioning that I'm an athlete--a runner most notably--and though I'll never make an Olympic team or buy a house with it, I'm good enough to say I do it (just because you run doesn't mean you're a runner). And the wisdom I've gathered throughout my miles of trials applies on the regular to the rest of my world.

Perseverance is paramount, as it is the only power that is perpetually mine.

"The essential thing in life is not so much conquering as fighting well."

--Baron De Coubertin (founder of the modern Olympic Games)